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Innovative executive and strategic thinker with strong management skills and extensive financial and administrative experience, spanning corporate and emerging company environments both domestically and internationally.

Expertise as a financial executive organizing and implementing accounting and information systems infrastructures and assuring their alignment with corporate goals.

Expertise in all areas of strategic planning, financial planning and analysis and reporting in both single and multi unit operations.

Expertise in mergers and acquisitions, private equity financings, SEC filings, senior and subordinated debt financings, divestitures, start-ups and turnarounds.

Extensive experience negotiating with tax authorities and economic development agencies in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Mr. White received the MBA degree from the University of Denver with a major emphasis in finance. He received the BA degree from the University of Minnesota with a major in economics and a minor in mathematics. His languages are English and French. He is a citizen of both the United States and Ireland.

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